Opinion: It all begins tonight


By Michael Marzzacco

Today, the pursuit begins. Players have worked hard since Spring Training in mid-February to get to this point. The Nationals have a chance to make history.

Since 1998, no DC-area team has made it to a conference championship in any sport. Teams have come close, the Nats included, but to no avail. It’s time to change history. It’s time to make DC great again.

When the Nats take the field, they won’t be thinking about the shortcomings of 2012 and 2014. They won’t care about what the Capitals, Wizards or Redskins have done for the last two decades. They will be thinking about the game they’re in, the spot they’re in. One pitch at a time, one game at a time.

As fans, we have to stand behind our ballclub. We have to be there for them every pitch. This may be an election year in Washington but it doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. What matters is we must all come together as one for a common goal.

If you’re coming to the games this weekend make transportation plans to avoid the problems of WMATA. If you can’t get tickets, no worries. Plenty of spots to watch and cheer your team on whether at the local bar or your couch. I, for one, won’t need a couch. No matter where I’ll watch, I’m not sitting down.

Wear your red and be loud and proud. We are all in this together. Go Nats


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