The Nats open the 2017 season at Nationals Park

By Michael Marzzacco

The Nationals will open the 2017 season at home for the sixth time since baseball returned to the district in 2005. They’ll host the Marlins on April 3rd. Major League Baseball released their 2017 baseball schedule on Wednesday.

The annual Beltway Series with the Baltimore Orioles takes place in May with a home-and-home series beginning on May 8th and 9th at Camden Yards with the next two days taking place in DC.

The Nats will play at home on Mother’s Day against the Phillies on May 14 and the Mets on the Fourth of July.

For those of you that love Interleague play, boy you’re in for a treat. Besides the Orioles the Nationals will face the American League West which includes home contests with the Mariners from May 23-25, the Rangers from June 9-11, and MLB star Mike Trout and the Angels. The epic contest between Trout and Bryce Harper will be August 15th and 16th.

The biggest stretch against the division rivals from the National League East will be in the beginning and end of the 2017 campaign. In the beginning it’ll be 18 of their first 25 contests. The Nats will play 25 of their final 36 games within the division so we might be in for an interesting home stretch. The final series of the season will be a four game home series with the Pirates from September 28-October 1.


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