Nats Roundtable: Who’s the scariest team in the playoffs and where would you like the Nats seeded in the postseason

Photo by Rachel Levitin

Welcome to our first ever roundtable discussion. This is where we asked The Pursuit which team might be a problem for the Nats this October and what seed should the Nats be entering the postseason.

Who is the Nats biggest threat in the playoffs?

Michael Marzzacco: From a record standpoint, you’d go with the Cubs but the both teams have won big games against each other in the times that they met this season. I would have to go with the Giants because it’s an even numbered year, the Dodgers because the Nats had a hard time with them this season or even the Mets, who always seem to get hot this time of year.

James Kenney: I think the most obvious answer would be the Cubs. There are absolutely zero holes in their lineup, rotation, and bullpen. But, given that the Nats have beaten them this year, I think it’s extremely possible to give them a run for their money. The next most glaring obstacle in the Dodgers. The Nats just cannot seem to figure them out this season, and we’re historically not strong against the powerhouses of the NL West.

Where would you like the Nats to be seeded entering the postseason?

Michael Marzzacco: Based on past history if you look at the two NLDS losses the Nats and their fans had to endure, those came when they finished with the best record in either the National League or in the MLB. We know how that ultimately turned out. It also didn’t help that the Nats didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for the opponent, both the 2012 Cardinals and the 2014 Giants won their Wild Card play-in games. The Nats had to wait until the conclusion of those games to find out their opponent. So I’d like to see them finish with the second best record. They still get the home field plus they’ll know who their opponent is at the season’s conclusion.

James Kenney: I think it’s way better that the Nats don’t have the best record in the NL heading into playoffs. That would just be another storyline and added pressure surrounding them. If you look at the past few NL champs, very few of them had the best record in the NL heading into the postseason. I think being a strong, upper/middle-of-the-pack-contender will alleviate pressure from a ball club that isn’t that old.

Nats fans, bookmark and check out The Pursuits coverage of the Nationals as they head to the postseason and go on a pursuit of October glory.


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